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Welcome to St Hilda's Roman Catholic Primary School


Whitby Music Centre will be holding an Open Morning on Saturday 11th of May at Eskdale School.  I would be delighted if you could find time to come along with your child (ren) to see if our Music Centre would be something you would be interested in.


Any children who play a musical instrument or like to sing are very welcome.  For children who play an instrument – we cater for any level, from those who can play just two notes to those who have reached an advanced level – you simply choose the group that suites your level.  Our many musical groups are for children who play the following instrument types - Woodwind, Brass, Strings and Percussion.  We also have a Choir if you child wants to sing. All our groups give regular concerts in various venues in the Whitby area and beyond.

If you do come on the 11th of May your child is welcome to bring their instrument and join in.  If your child wants to sing in the choir they can do that too.   Also - as a parent if you play an instrument yourself you are welcome to join too – we have many adults who play in our groups.

If you have any questions you can email me at –


If anyone is interested in going to this open day we have a full itinerary in the school office.