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NYCC Childern's Voice Conference

Pupil Voice


On Friday the 23rd of June, 3 members of Class 3 went to pupil voice. This event took place at Coventry University, Scarborough.


We went to: The Market Place; The Refugee and Asylum Seekers workshop; How to have a great school council; and Me and My Cultures - Muslim faith. After that, we met Danielle Brown.


First, we went to The Market Place and met some inspiring people. We met Electricity Man who showed us how to power a lightbulb by cycling on a bike! Then, we met the Stay Safe On The Road Man who taught us a bit more about how to stay safe. Finally, we met a man who taught us all about how to stay safe out of school. He helped us because we clipped a piece of paper to a tree which had our worries on about outside of school. This made us feel a lot better!


Then, we went to the Refugee and Asylum Seekers workshop and we learnt about what refugee and asylum seekers are. Also, we found out how many refugees and asylum seekers there are in the world. In that workshop, we met a man called Sam who had been a refugee in Syria for a while. We got to ask him questions like: What was it like to be a refugee? and How many refugees are there in Syria? This was a inspiring workshop.


After that, we went to the How to have a great school council! workshop and learnt about how to improve our school council. We learnt that if we want to have a fair school council, everybody needs to have their say in things. We learnt how to warm up our brains by playing a game called, Heads or Tails. Overall, this was an interesting workshop.


A little while later, we went to a workshop called, Me and my cultures: Muslim Faith. In the workshop, we made something called chapatis. We did a chapati dance, this was really fun! Then, we dressed up in muslim clothes. There were: Saris, Hijabs, Burqas, Niqabs and many more clothes! Finally, in this workshop we learnt how to write using an Arabic script. The group learnt how to spell their names. This was really fun. (It was our favourite workshop!)


Finally, we met Danielle Brown who is a power olympian from Lothersdale. We got to ask her any questions we wanted to and she would answer them truthfully. After that, she told us a little bit about herself and her life. We got to take a picture with her!

In summary, we really enjoyed our trip to pupil voice and we would

definitely go again!